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A long-awaited dream finally came true for me. For a long time I have followed this place with the crystal clear water and the dreamlike bungalows on Instagram. On our Asia trip this year this place was really one of the most beautiful places we were. For a few days we were welcomed by this little paradise in North Sulawsi.

Before you want to visit this place you should know that the journey is very time-consuming. Depending on where you want to travel from, you will have to take some flights. We flew with Citilink from Bali via Makassar to Gorontalo. After the arrival in Gorontalo, it is about 2 hours by car over bumpy roads and finally a short boat ride in direction to Pulo Cinta. At the latest when you can see the island from the boat you know that it was worth the long journey. In the middle of the turquoise blue ocean a small island with only 15 bungalows surrounded by a huge Coral reef, which one knows otherwise only from films like Finding Nemo, welcomed us.

Around the bungalows there are many different coral species and attract thousands of colorful fish. Directly under our bungalow there was even a small clownfish family living in an anemone. I have never seen such a coral reef before. An absolute dream for everyone who likes snorkeling !

The bungalows themselves are made of 100% recycled material and equipped with comfortable and typical Indonesian furniture. On the terrace you can relax in the hammock and read a book or take a snorkel tour down the stairs into the water.

The restaurant is built in the middle of the island and serves a regional buffet of fresh fish and typical side dishes morning, noon and evening. Snorkeling, sunbathing and the tasty Indonesian cuisine was all we were doing during the days.

Here is the link to the Resorts webpage:

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